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Ostendorf lubricant

Ostendorf lubricant is used when installing bell-shaped pipes and is designed to improve the slip of pipes and fittings by reducing friction. Thus, Ostendorf lubricant prevents damage to the sealing ring during installation - it is the sealing ring that guarantees the tightness of the connection.

Ostendorf lubricant is waterproof, manufactured by combining silicone oil with a thickener. The consistency of medium density. Easy to apply with hands and easy to rinse. Safe for hands.

Ostendorf lubricant is suitable for the installation of pipes made of PP and PVH.

Main characteristics of Ostendorf silicone lubricant:

  • Working environment - wastewater.
  • The maximum temperature of the working environment is + 95 °С.
  • Color - from light brown to brown.

Specifications and dimensions of the mounting grease Ostendorf:

Title Application Price, rub
Ostendorf Lubricant, 150 gram Installation of sewer systems 252.012
Ostendorf Lubricant, 250 gram Installation of sewer systems 320.796
Ostendorf Lubricant, 500 gram Installation of sewer systems 472.572