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Ostendorf caps with DN110

Ostendorf DN 110 caps are designed to ensure the tightness of the final sections of sewer systems.

The caps are made of modified polypropylene or PVC - these materials make Ostendorf pipeline systems resistant to corrosion, chemical and alkaline reagents, as well as high and low temperatures.

All fittings are durable. They are flame-resistant in class B1.


Ostendorf caps can be used for the installation of the following types of pipeline systems:

  • internal sewage;
  • outdoor sewage;
  • rainwater drainage;
  • drainage system;
  • ventilation.

All Ostendorf DN 110 caps, including the outer ones, have the following advantages:

  • installed in houses and apartments with high-temperature drain from washing machines and dishwashers;
  • the inner surface is completely smooth;
  • have high chemical resistance;
  • have a high degree of noise absorption.

You can select the appropriate cap by reviewing the nomenclature table:

Title Application Price, rub
Ostendorf HT Plug HTM, d 110 Internal drainage system 49.548
Ostendorf Skolan dB Plug SKM, d 110 Internal drainage system 318.96
Ostendorf KG Plug KGM, d 110 Internal/outdoor drainage system 126.984
Ostendorf KG Cap KGK, d 110 Internal/outdoor drainage system 171.192
Ostendorf Plug KG2000M, d 110 Outdoor drainage system 270.66