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Price increases for Geberit products

Dear partners!

We would like to inform you that the Geberit plant is raising the prices for piping systems:

  • Piping systems: sewerage systems of the building, pipes made of HDPE, Silent, Silent PP) - increased by 5%;
  • Piping pressure water supply systems for buildings, Mepla, including Mapress - increased by 5%;
  • Instrument - increased by 5%.

Also, prices for products of tm. Geberit, Kolo, Ido Showerama as follows:

  • Mounting elements, cisterns, flush plates, GIS, mixers, drain mechanisms - increased by 5%;
  • Siphons and ladders - on average increase by 7%;
  • Geberit bathroom products; sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, shower series and Kolo bathroom products, sanitary ceramics, shower series, special products - an average increase of 2% for ceramics and furniture products and 3% for shower series and baths.

Updated price lists will be published on the Price and Certificate page no later than March 30th.