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Price increase for Valtec products

Dear partners!

We inform you that the Valtec plant, due to the increase in prices for raw materials and components, is forced to increase prices for the following products::

  • Turn lock (art. FS);
  • Rotary clip (art. 10000004);
  • Anaerobic sealants (Santekhmastergel and Fixator);
  • Reinforced self-adhesive tape for insulation;
  • Thread for sealing (TANGIT);
  • Brackets with rubber seal (art. RUS.833);
  • KIP (produced by Rosma);
  • Equipment for dispatching systems.

An increase is also expected on April 15 for products:

  • Linen plumbing;
  • Thread plumbing linen (art. VT.FLAX).

The updated price list will be published on the Price and Certificate page no later than March 21, 2022.