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Price increase for Sinikon products

Dear partners!

Due to the increase in the cost of raw materials and the growth of the exchange rate, the SINIKON company increases prices for the following types of products from September 10, 2020 (on average):

  1. Internal sewerage SINIKON Standard - 5%;
  2. Internal sewerage SINIKON Comfort - 5%;
  3. Internal drains SINIKON RainFlow- 5%;
  4. Imported types of products in the RainFlow, Comfort and Standard lines- 9%;
  5. Clamps gray SINIKON Standard with stud and dowel - 10%;
  6. White clamps SINIKON Comfort with hairpin and dowel - 5%;
  7. Metal clamps SINIKON with a stud and a dowel - 5%.

Updated price lists will be published on the Price and Certificate page no later than 09/04/2020.