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New clamps Sinicon

Sinicon presents its new products - double clamps and clamps with a combined nut

1. Double clamps are made of profiled galvanized steel. Seals are made of heat-resistant EPDM rubber - it is not only durable and resistant to chemical elements and temperatures, but also reduces the noise level that is transmitted to the supporting structures.

The main advantages of using double clamps:

  • parallel pipelines are attached as comfortably as possible;
  • savings in consumables: half as many bolts are required, fewer drills are also needed due to the reduction in the number of holes in the supporting structures;
  • simplifies the installation of pipelines in hard-to-reach places.

Sinicon double clamps have a rubber gasket, a hairpin and a dowel. Available in several sizes: 3/8" (015-018), 1/2" (020-024), 3/4" (025-029) and 1" (032-036).

2. Clamps in sizes 2 1/2", 3" and 4" are now also available with combination nut (M8/M10). Thanks to this, you can choose the right stud size directly during installation. Clamps are supplied without dowel and stud.