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Mounting instructions for Sinicon clamps

Mounting instructions for Sinicon clamps

Application area

Clamps are designed for fastening pipeline systems for various purposes on building envelopes to prevent longitudinal and transverse movement of pipes.

Permissible loads during installation

Size, inch Allowable load, kN Maximum allowable load, kN
3/8’’ - 1’’ 0,75 1,3
1 1/4’’ - 2’’ 1,18 1,6
2 1/2’’ - 3’’ 1,40 2,3
4’’ 1,90 2,6


For long-term and efficient operation of the pipeline, the following steps for installing Sinicon clamps must be observed:

1. The marking of the pipeline path is carried out, after which the places of its fastening are determined. The distances between fastening points are calculated based on the weight and length of the pipeline.

2. Drilling is performed at the established attachment points, and a dowel is driven into the resulting hole.

3. A sanitary stud is screwed into the dowel - for this you can use a screwdriver (TORX screwdriver, hex wrench) or an open-end wrench.

4. The clamp in the open state is screwed onto the hairpin - it is twisted until it stops. If it becomes necessary to change the angle of rotation of the clamp, a 13 mm open-end wrench should be used.

5. The pipe is inserted into the open clamp with an elastic band and fixed with screws. The floating mode should be maintained so that the parts do not contact each other excessively tightly - this is necessary to compensate for the possible thermal expansion of the pipeline material.