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Installation instructions for press rings and press adapter VALTEC

Press rings VTm.295.VR.42 and VTm.295.VR.54 together with a press adapter VTm.295.VR.00 are used to mount the VALTEC-INOX system with an outer diameter of pipes of 42 and 54 mm.

The main advantages of VALTEC press rings and press adapters:

  • light weight;
  • compactness;
  • Improved outer contour to work in difficult conditions;
  • compatibility with VALTEC, Rems, Novopress tools;
  • affordable price.
1. The press ring is put on the fitting. 2. The press ring rotates so that it is convenient to clamp it with a tool. 3. A press adapter is fixed on the press ring – for this, the adapter jaws are inserted into a special groove.
5. The press ring is removable.