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Installation of Geberit sound insulation mat

Installation of Geberit sound insulation mat

The sound insulation mat is made of a material that does not contain lead. It can be used not only for sound insulation of pipelines, but also for anti-condensate insulation

The general scheme for the installation is presented below.

1. First remove the protective film.

2. Geberit sound insulation mat is applied to the pipe which is cleaned from grease and dust previously.

3. Geberit sound insulation mat wraps around the pipe overlapping 3 cm.

4. The sound insulation mat is attached to the pipeline using a binding wire with diameter of 0.25 mm - the binding wire should not be tighted too much, because acoustic foam is compressed if the wire is inserted into the sound insulation mat. The binding wire is fixed at distance of 10-15 cm.