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Installation of Geberit access pipes

Example of installing Geberit access pipes

Geberit access pipes are designed for optimization of the sewage system operation. This element has a fairly simple design - it is a conventional pipe which is equipped with a viewing window closed by a lid, which prevents the spread of odors indoors.

The Geberit access pipe is used to detect blockages and quickly remove them from the sewage system. You should think carefully about location of the Geberit access pipe - it should be in a convenient place. According to the installation rules, each riser should have an access pipe.

The following is an example of the installation of the Geberit access pipe.

Example of installing Geberit access pipe

1 – The junction with the external sewerage system..

2 – Socket pipe with length of 50 cm.

3 – Access pipe mounted about 50 cm above the floor.

G – Sliding bracket.

F – Anchor bracket.