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Geberit couplings for pipeline installation

Types of Geberit couplings for pipeline installation

There are several varieties of Geberit couplings that are used for the installation of pipeline systems.

Electrofusion sleeve coupling

Electrofusion sleeve couplingThe electrofusion sleeve coupling with embedded spiral is used for creating an unbreakable, load-resistant connection, the coupling is used to connect pipes with diameters from 40 to 315 mm.

The electrofusion sleeve coupling  have a small outer diameter, so they create a compact connection.

In the center of the Geberit coupling there is no electrical resistance, because of which the melting and heating zones are divided into two parts. This solution increases the reliability of the joints - when heated, the edges of the welded pipes do not heat up, respectively, their strength is not violated during installation.

The electrofusion sleeve coupling can be sliding on the pipe - for this the locking ring is removed with a screwdriver.

Ring seal socket

Ring seal socketIt is used for connecting pipes with diameters from 32 to 160 mm, the connection is unstable to loads.

It is used to simplify the installation of individual pipeline components during pre-assembly.

Due to the compact size it can be installed with limited access to the pipeline. Both horizontal and vertical mounting are possible.

The length of the ring seal socket is measured from the middle of the ring to the base of the socket. The depth of the pipe inserting is calculated by the formula: 15 mm per 1 m of the pipe.

At installation you should make sure that the pipe is pushed into the coupling completely.

Complete Screw-Threaded Joint

Резьбовая муфта без буртаThis Geberit coupling is used for connecting pipes with diameters from 32 to 100 mm, and the connection is non-rigid, detachable, unstable to the loads. It is used to connect plumbing fixtures and to connect to the sewerage of preassembled units.

The Geberit coupling consists of:

1 – Nut.

2 – Gasket.

3 – Sealing.

4 – Thread.

The sealing ring is located as to substantially not in contact with sewage.

Screw-threaded cover, with seal and brass nipple

Резьбовая муфта с буртомIt connects pipes with diameters from 32 to 110 mm, the connection is detachable and load-resistant.

It consists of several parts:

1 – Nut.

2 – Flanged bushing.

3 – Sealing.

4 – Thread.

Additional strength of the coupling is provided by the presence of the brass nipple, which is important for axial loads on the pipe, installation of the pipeline in slabs and ceilings, and in cases where the distance between branches is more than 2 meters.

Expansion socket

Компенсаторная муфтаIt is used for the installation of pipes with diameters from 32 to 315 mm. The connection is disconnected, unstable to the loads.

Usually it is installed between anchor brackets, and for preventing of temperature deformation the anchor bracket is installed behind the expansion socket.

The fitting has a special shape, so that the pipe can slip inside the coupling during deformation, keeping the connection tight even at high hydraulic loads.

To facilitate installation, the following conditions must be observed:

  • Chamfer must be removed at an angle of 15°;
  • It is necessary to check the depth of the pipe entry into the coupling by applied scale;
  • It is necessary to make exact marks of the depth of approach on the pipe;
  • The pipe end is smeared with mild soap, petroleum jelly or silicone, and you can not use a lubricant that can damage rubber rings.

Flange coupling

Фланцевая муфтаIt is used for mounting pipes with diameters from 50 to 315 mm. The connection is disconnected and resistant to loads.

Usually it is used for the installation of low pressure pipelines. Flanges are installed on existing steel pipelines.

Blind flanges are used with access pipes.


Straight adapter with shrink-fitted sleeve

Термоусадочная муфтаIt is suitable for mounting pipes with diameters from 50 to 160 mm. Connection is rigid, unbroken and unstable to the loads.

It is used for connection with pipes from materials with rough surface, as well as joining to various plumbing.

For installation the rubber ring is installed at the pipe end in the middle of the coupling height. After that, the Geberite straight adapter is put on the pipe. Then, along the contour of the straight adapter the burner is moved to heat the fitting up to + 125 °C. Under the influence of high temperature the Geberit straight adapter is seated, which leads to the formation of a strong and hermetically sealed connection.