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Accessories for Geberit piping systems and tools

Accessories for Geberit piping systems and tools

The Geberit Company, producing sanitary products since 1874, produces several types of pipeline systems of polypropylene reinforced with mineral additives and stainless steel. The assortment of the pipeline systems has been supplemented with accessories, which are often used for the installation of the pipelines.

The pipe system Description

Accessories for Geberit drains
Accessories for Geberit drains are used for improving the drains design. Among the products offered there are grates, contact sheets, extension sets, inlet funnels, covers, installation frames.

Accessories for Geberit Mapress
The Geberit Mapress pipeline system is suitable for the installation of plumbing and heating systems. As additional components are produced: ball valves, gaskets, plugs for fittings, bolts, extension sets and lever sets of ball valves etc.

Accessories for press tools
Press tools are used for pressing press-fittings of Mepla and Mapress systems, and these include lithium-ion batteries, belts, pressing jaws and pressing collars, battery chargers, fuses and empty cases.

Accessories for tools
The Geberit Company produces various cutting, crimping and pressing tools. And the company produces also available accessories for this tools, such as universal cases, templates, stripping tools and blades, markers etc.