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Building of houses: Increased requirements for fire protection

And it does not matter how important the facility is built. When it comes to the safety of people, it is necessary to foresee and prevent all situations.

Красные трубы

Often when installation drainage systems in Russia builders use PAM-GLOBAL SML pipes and fittings. This drainage system is very popular in modern construction because it serves the needs of the most demanding customers. Socketless drainage system PAM-GLOBAL is made of cast iron. It meets all the requirements, and it is suitable for facilities with increased fire protection requirements. People and possessions located in a building are protected case of fire because the PAM-GLOBAL system is made of material which is classified as A1 in the Euroclass classification for reaction to fire and it conforms to DIN 4102. Often SML system is used in the construction of high-rise buildings, business and commercial shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and other public buildings.

The PAM-GLOBAL pipes are made in strict accordance with European and international standards DIN 19522 / EN 877. The system is installed using connecting couplings which consist of chemically resistant rubber and stainless steel.

The cast iron socketless system is used for installation of non-pressure and pressure drainage systems (plumbing and outdoor system) and storm-water drainage. Also the PAM-GLOBAL system can be used for the drain of aggressive environments and industrial effluents.

The installation of the PAM-GLOBAL system does not require high qualification of builders, the pipes and fittings are easy to assemble, so that installation time is reduced. It does not require special tools. Also the system is repaired easy. High-quality materials ensure the safety and durability of installed drainage system. If you build, that for centuries!