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Pradex manual control valves

Pradex manual control valves are designed to smoothly change the flow rate of the coolant in manual mode. It is suitable for one and two pipe systems. Control valves are available in straight and angle versions.

Installation is simple - the valve has a union nut, so that when installing the valve, the preliminary dismantling of the pipeline is not required.

Main advantages:

  • the ability to control the flow of heat carrier;
  • maintaining a comfortable temperature in the room;
  • smooth adjustment.
Photo Name Article Price
PRADEX Manual control valve straight, d 1/2", d1 1/2" [Code number: 1h0107 / KR01]
1h0107 697 rub
PRADEX Manual control valve straight, d 3/4", d1 1/2" [Code number: 1h0108 / KR02]
1h0108 741 rub
PRADEX Angle manual control valve, d 1/2", d1 1/2" [Code number: 1h0109 / KR03]
1h0109 623 rub

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