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Pradex Fastening

Pradex fastening are made of high quality and durable materials and are designed for mounting heating systems.

Floor brackets are used to fix radiators in various positions.

The product group also includes universal brackets.

Photo Name Article Price
PRADEX mounting bracket КР.3.007.00 [Code number: 1h0047 / KP3]
1h0047 300 rub
PRADEX mounting bracket КР.5.007.00 [Code number: 1h0048 / KP5]
1h0048 300 rub
PRADEX mounting bracket КР.6.007.00 Z [Code number: 1h0049 / KP6Z]
1h0049 343 rub
PRADEX Floor bracket H-300 [Code number: 1h0050 / PRADEX H-300]
1h0050 750 rub

Application purposes:

  • For heating system installation
  • For mounting radiators in various positions

Characteristics of PRADO radiators:

  • The body is made of steel
  • Maximum operating temperature +120 °C
  • Maximum working pressure 9 atm
  • Connection type: universal
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Long warranty - 10 years

Mounting example:

The installation height is calculated based on the thickness of the screed, the distance from the floor to the radiator, and the height of the radiator.

PRADEX Floor bracket H-500 [Code number: 1h0051 / PRADEX H-500]
1h0051 750 rub
PRADEX Floor bracket H-600 [Code number: 1h0052 / PRADEX H-600]
1h0052 900 rub

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