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ISAN MELODY design radiators

ISAN MELODY is the widest product line of the ISAN Company which includes more than 60 models of radiators. This product line is conditionally divided into several groups:

  • Classic radiators - there are classic radiators for bathrooms and other rooms;
  • Design radiators - this section presents non-standard versions of radiators which are decorated with various elements, for example, mirrors or glass, radiators with images and with lighting etc.

Radiators are made of steel pipes and profiles. All radiators are pre-degreased, after which they are covered with layer of iron phosphate and varnished. Then they are covered with epoxy-polyester varnish. The main shade of radiators is  snow-white color RAL 9016.

ISAN MELODY design radiators are made only of high-quality materials, so that they are distinguished by their durability, and they can withstand temperatures up to +110 °С and pressures up to 1.0 M...
ISAN MELODY classic radiators differ more traditional design than design radiators. They can be divided into two types: Vertical; Horizontal. Vertical radiators are available in widths...
Группа товаров включает: Towel rails; Hooks; Rails radiators; Thermostatic sets and heads; Clamping fittings; Thermostatic valves; Bathtowel racks.