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ISAN designer's radiators

ISAN it is a well-known in Europe brand of heating appliances. Radiators and convectors with high technical and aesthetic parameters are produced under this brand.

Product Catalog

ISAN MELODY design radiators are ideal for installation in bathrooms, as well as living rooms. Design radiators can have different decoration elements which do not reduce the heating characteristics of radiators.

ISAN SPIRAL radiators are heating devices consisting of pipes, through which hot water passes, with a ribbed surface. These heaters are suited for industrial premises.

ISAN Radiátory s.r.o. is Czech producer of designer's radiators. The company has more than 60 years of experience. Progressive thinking of designers and state-of-the-art technological procedures guarantee high technical and design propertiesof the products.

One of the mandatory conditions for production is compliance with all requirements for environmental protection. Production is in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. Also all products meet requirements of the certification applicable to actual legal standards of individual state and meet the highest standards.

ISAN products

ISAN products are divided into several series:

  • MELODY is the widest range of products including more than 60 models of radiators, the radiators are suitable for installation in bathrooms or living rooms, office premises. All MELODY radiators are characterized by performance and quality, they are made of high-quality steel. They can be chrome, matte, painted in white or other color. Separately, we can distinguish the VARIANT radiators which differ in variety of options for decorative grids. They allow to create radiators with a mirror, photo or other image.
  • SPIRAL - it is spiral tubular radiators which are suitable for heating large production halls. They are characterized by performance, they can be connected to hot water or steam systems. SPIRAL radiators can be mounted vertically on the walls or horizontally, also they can be installed on the floor.
  • ATOL – it is sectional radiators which are made in retro style cast iron radiators. The ATOL radiators have excellent circulation of the heating liquid. They can be used in low temperature heating systems. Elements of tubular radiators are made of steel tubes.
  • EXACT – it is radiating convectors which are made from solid steel profiles, they are classic and time proven heaters. Also the EXACT range includes plate radiators which can be horizontal or vertical.
  • EXACT ECOLITE – lamellar exchanger convectors are suitable for heating of administrative and commercial premises, hotels, car parlors and other public buildings. Low water capacity is a precondition for good regulation enabling possibly quick heating-up under thermal inertia decrease and allows fast reaction on ambient temperature variation.