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Geberit tool for pipes and fittings repair

Special tools or pipes and fittings repair are used for the repair of holes in pipes and fittings of HDPE and PE. You can repair of pipes and fittings with diameters from 50 to 160 mm. The tool is connected to a plug type IEC-83/C4. Comes with tool holder, punch, flat punch, 10 HDPE repair patches, allen key and allen screw. Also the group of products includes Geberit repair patch for pipes and fittings DN40-160.

Geberit PE repair tool, electrical, 230 V, d40-160 [Code number: 359.048.P0.1]

Article: 359.048.P0.1
Цена: 62 163 rub

Application purpose:

  • For repairing holes in HDPE and Silent-db20 pipes and fittings dia. 40 - 160 mm
  • For repairing holes in PE-concealed cisterns

Scope of delivery:

  • Tool holder
  • Punch of diameter dia. 40 - 160 mm
  • Flat punch
  • 10 HDPE repair patches
  • Allen key and Allen screws for attaching insert
  • Press handle

Download operation manual: 359.048.P0.1 Geberit PE repair tool, electrical

Geberit repair patch for pipes and fittings d40–160 [Code number: 853.650.16.1]

Article: 853.650.16.1
Цена: 395 rub

Application purposes:

  • For repairing holes in pipes and fittings ø 40–160 mm in Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20 systems
  • For building drainage
  • For repairing holes in concealed cisterns made of PE-HD
  • For Geberit repair tool
d Colour / Surface
40 - 160 black

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