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Geberit tools for electrofusion welding

Geberit electrofusion machines are used for welding of fittings and pipes DN40-315 with electroweld sleeve couplings of Geberit Silent-db20 and Geberit HDPE systems. You can weld three electroweld sleeve couplings with with diameters not more than 110 mm at the same time. The machines are equipped with integrated fall impact cushioning and supplied with remote control. Protection class is I, and they can operate at temperatures from -10 to +50 °C. Length of mains connection cable is 4 m. Plug type is CEE 7/7.

The kit can include the mains connection and connection cable, a bag for carry the tool.

Also the group of products includes accessories for electrofusion welding of pipes with diameters ranging from 250 to 315 mm. The accessories set includes a pencil, a two-meter ruler, pressure rings with diameters 200, 250 and 315 mm, scraper, deburring tool, milling cutter, pipe cutter, wooden transport case and instruction manual.

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Geberit electrofusion machine ESG 3, 230 V [Code number: 359.911.P0.1]
359.911.P0.1 51 387 rub

Application purpose:

  • For electrofusion welding of Geberit PE and Geberit Silent-db20 pipes and fittings up to ø 315 mm
  • For Geberit electrofusion tapes up to ø 315 mm
  • For electrofusion welding of up to three Geberit electrofusion sleeve couplings ≤ ø 110 mm simultaneously


  • With remote control
  • With integrated fall impact cushioning
  • CE-compliant

Scope of delivery:

  • Connection cable for electrofusion sleeve couplings and electrofusion tapes
  • Connection cable for electrofusion couplings with integrated thermal fuse
  • Connecting cable for electrofusion sleeve couplings

Mains frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

Fuse: 10 A

Power consumption: 960–1760 W

Protection class: I

Protection degree: IP55

Nominal voltage: 110 - 240 V AC

Weight: 5.9 kg

Operating temperature: -10 – +50 °C

Welding cycle for electrofusion sleeve couplings: 80 s

Welding cycle for electrofusion tapes: 80 s

Welding cycle for electrofusion coupling with integrated thermal fuse: 420 s

Maximum welding current: 5 A

Length of mains connection cable: 4 m

Load resistance: 5–68 ohm

Geberit starter switch [Code number: 356.177.P2.1]

Application purpose:

  • For starting the process of electrofusion welding
  • For electroweld sleeve couplings 200 - 315 mm
  • For processing of PE pipes and fittings


  • Start button
  • Control lamp

Scope of delivery:

  • Power cable;
  • Connection cable.

Product details

Operating voltage: 220-240 V DC

Current frequency: 50 Hz

Operating temperature: -10 - +40 °C

Power consumption: 2500 W

Power: 2500 W

Protection class: II

Protection degree: IP 44

Geberit accessories set for electrofusion with integrated thermal fuse, d250 - 315 [Code number: 356.116.00.1]
356.116.00.1 227 968 rub

Application purpose:

  • For start switch ESG-T2, dia. 200 mm, dia. 250 mm and dia. 315 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Wooden transport case
  • 2 pressure rings, dia. 200 mm
  • 2 pressure rings, dia. 250 mm
  • 2 pressure rings, dia. 315 mm
  • Scraper
  • Deburring tool
  • Grease pencil
  • Two-metre ruler
  • Instruction manual
  • Pipe cutter, dia. 200 - 315 mm

Download operation manual: 356.116.00.1 Geberit accessories set for electrofusion

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